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I want to know, express, and communicate the world.
That's all. 

What I have learned through my activities as an artist is
that there is so much beauty in the world, and that I cannot see them all.

But perhaps each beauty has something in common.
Perhaps the essence of beauty is universal.

If this is the case, I would like to learn more about beauty in the world, to get closer to the essence of beauty, and to express and convey beauty by myself.

I believe that this is not the work of an artist, but rather an innate human desire and the essence of communication.



I couldn't forget my dream to become a Manga artist from childhood, I enrolled at a Manga art school at the age of 35. I had the great fortune to be directly instructed by Ms. Masae Takakuwa, the author of Human Body Croquis, the art instruction manual that impressed me at the time. Based on the premise that "Art Happens", I draw inspiration from shapes that appear while I'm drawing, and these inform the theme of each of my works. I've named this method the Self-Drawing Feedback Concept Method. I was suddenly caught by Hernia and brought by ambulance. I couldn't even walk at that time and I realized "People cannot truly know the pain of other people." Then I made the NFT collection "Hernia & Peace" to share feelings, respect and pray for each other.


Live painted at gespo☆party 2022, the large e-sport event / Live painted at the stage with famous music artists at ART LIVE 2021 and 3 live painted works sold out at NFT auction / Solo Exhibition "Be Proud of the Crowd" / Participating artist in 36FUJI NFT art Project / SBINFT nanakusa certified artist


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the underlined sentences.)


Dec: 7 artworks exhibited at a popular gallery in Beijing


April: Participated in 10th Creator Expo, Tokyo big site.

May: The artwork "Hikaring" was selected for the newly opened cafe "WEP CAFE" in Hatagaya, Tokyo.

Jun: 15 designs adopted in "Creators meet Towel" project of Niida Bussan Co., Ltd.

Jul:  Received an offer from the online art shop "Fancy Art" and started selling artworks

Jul: NFT platform "nanakusa" 2nd official artist

Jul: Selected as one of the 36 participants in the NFT Art Project 36FUJI. (Ranked first out of 60 participants in the voting)
Sep: The work that I participated in collaborative creation with 36FUJI was sold for 3.4568 ETH (about 1.3 million yen).

Oct: Interviewed by NFT NOW, the online media of NFT.

Oct: Created key visual and logo design for ART LIVE 2021

Nov: The first solo exhibition "Proud of the Crowd" in Yokohama

Nov: "​JO" 37th edition, the magazine issued by Kyoshin Printing Co.,Ltd.introduced TAKUROMAN's artwork.

Nov: Performed live painting on stage in collaboration with popular musicians at ART LIVE 2021.

Dec: Held an auction at Nanakusa for three NFTs of live painting works from ART LIVE 2021. All works are sold.

Dec: Being interviewd and article published by SBINFT Market nanakusa.

Dec: Exhibited the group show at MDP GALLERY, Nakameguro, Tokyo.

Dec: Exhibited at Yokohama Red Brick Christmas Art Competition. Received the Judges' Special Prize.

Dec: Four artworks were selected for the interior of the renewed office of Nitto Corporation.

Dec: Achieved 200 likes for the online art course on CLASS101 and it was decided that the course would be offered.


Jan: Solo exhibition "Tiger in the cage" is held at a beauty salon in Tokyo

Jan: Appeared a talk session at NFT WEEKS TOKYO nanakusa DAY.

Jan: Selected by vote to participate in 36FUJI 2nd season. A joint work was sold for 1.3 ETH (about 400,000 yen).

Jan: VANTAN✖️nanakusa collaboration project with COCOTONO, a brand selected as a finalist in ASIA FASHION COLLECTION.

Feb: Participated in the NFT✖️cat exhibition held at COMING SOON GALLERY on the first floor of Shibuya PARCO, presenting one NFT work and one beckoning cat.

Feb: Four works were adopted by Trive OZONE, a lodging facility in Nagoya City.

Feb: Works were adopted as a transparent mask for Ryoshin Sangyo Co.

March: Five NFT works were sold as hand towels by Niiida Bussan Corporation at the Hanshin Umeda main store Creator's Village.

March: Appeared on "Dancing Metaverse", the NFT and Metaverse program on YOUTUBE. 

April: Online art course began at CLASS101.

April: Being Introduced in the book "NFT Directory" Vol.3, April

May: Participated in "NFT COLLECTION IN NARA"
Jun: Exhibition at the Hospital de Sant Pau, the World Heritage in Spain.

Jun: "Feel the heat. -Thermography-" to be exhibited at the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Paris Headquarters, Miro Hall.

Jun: Exhibition at Creator EXPO


July: Exhibited at Crypto Art Fes 2022 (#CAF2022) as one of 100 selected artists

July: Presented the first collection "Millennium Play by TAKUROMAN"

July: Exhibited at "Creators' T-shirt Exhibition" at Keio Department Store

Aug: Exhibited at "Graphic Art exhibition<2022.August vol.2>~Creative Expression Today~" organized by Recto Verso Gallery

Sep: Exhibits at Sembikiya Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo.

Sep: Exhibits one NFT work at "Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2022"

Oct: The work "Chaos" was exhibited at WEB3/NFT event in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

Oct: Participates in a large e-sports event "gespo☆party" in Gunma, Japan, with live painting and workshop as the opening act on the second day.

Nov: Scheduled to exhibit at NFT Collection Kyoto

Nov: The work "Feel the Heat" was exhibited at the 30th International Peace Art Exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Nov: Participated in the "3600 YAKO" project, a project in which 36 artists draw yokai.

Nov: Participated in #NFTCATTOKYO held at Shibuya PARCO.

Nov: Participated in "JUNKeeees Fes" held at Kyoto World Warehouse

Dec: Participated in "Art Of Giving Vol.7" organized by MDP GALLERY in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Dec: Participated in "Digitoma 2022" at Tomake Residence in Nara City



Jan: Work featured in the book "BIRTH," a collection of works by 56 up-and-coming artists

Jan: Artwork is used as an envelope for the activity report magazine of Cocolabo Inc.

Jan: Work featured in "NFT Guide 2023, Expanding the World of Creators" (GENKOSHA)

Jan: Online art courses offered through CLASS101 became available at subscription services.

Feb: Exhibits at the "1st Art Cross Art Fair".

April: Participated in NFTNYC2023 as a speaker. And Artwork was exhibited at the venue.

May: Selectes by voting and Joins in "Reaching For The Future" Exhibition held by WEN TOKYO.

June: Participated in the Stamp Exhibition in Paris. TAKUROMAN's work become stamps.

June: Participated in Crypto Art Fes 2023.

​June: Exhibited at "12th Creators Expo"

June: NFT art collection "Hernia & Peace" has been released.

June: Partnership with Grabbit, NFT Market Place has been announced.

Sep: Participated in the exhibition at Nishiyama Museum.

Oct: Participated in Omoiyari-ten, which was held Shimokitazawa.

OCT: Live painted at the opening ceremony at Omoiyari-ten.

Nov: Participates in "LIBRE 2023 Kyoto" at the Kyocera Museum

Nov: Participated in "ART BLEND 2023 in Firenze" held in Firenze, Italy.

Dec: Will participate in the group exhibition "Innovation in Creation" at Recto Verso Gallery.

Dec: TAKUROMAN's artwork bromide will be available at Famima Print.


Jan: Participates in "The 4th Utrillo and Modern Montparnasse" in Tsukuba Museum.

Jan: Partnership of NFT marketplace GRABBIT and TAKUROMAN has started.

Mar: TAKUROMAN will participate in "NAKAMEGURO SAKURA EXHIBITION vol.9".




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