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TAKUROMAN launched the NFT collection "Hernia & Peace". Connecting hernia people through NFT.

On June 23, I, TAKUROMAN launched and began selling the NFT collection "Hernia & Peace". This is a rare collection for people suffering from herniated discs, which is said to exist in about 1% of the world's population.

The collection consists of one main visual, 14 stickers NFTs, and two instructions for use. Eleven of the sticker NFTs feature the word "hernia" in 11 languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, and Arabic), with the message "pain is universal.” Each sticker NFT is sold for 7.77 Matic (about US$5 = about 700 yen), and after purchase, the actual sticker will be sent to you after you submit your information through the application form.

I would be very happy if people who suffer from hernia and who do not suffer from hernia but who agree the concept of the collection could own the NFT and the actual stickers.

◾️Collection Overview

Collection name: "Hernia & Peace" by TAKUROMAN

Selling price: 7.77 matic (about $5.00 = about 700 yen / as of June 25, 2023)

Sales quantity: 50 each of 3 types of stickers NFT (*Will be added after sold out)

Actual sticker specifications: approx. 5cmX5cm (hologram background)

Physical sticker shipping cost: Free within Japan (by mail)

*Sales price and other conditions are subject to change.

◾️Background how the collection came out

One day in March 2023, around 1:00 am. I, TAKUROMAN, was suddenly stricken with back and leg pain and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. No diagnosis was made that day and I supposed to go home after receiving painkillers. It was a long and difficult wait in a crowded hospital late at night sitting in a chair. When it was finally my turn to receive my medicine, I gave my name and date of birth according to hospital rules, I was told, "Tomorrow is your birthday, I know how hard it must be. I felt relieved by that word. When I took a cab home, the driver said to me, "I have also had a back injury, but only you can understand the pain, right? I felt a little better when the driver said that to me. After getting out of the cab, I was unable to enter the house due to an unexpected mistake. At 3:00 a.m. in the rain, I limped back to the cab that had pulled up and was waiting for me. The driver was very kind to me, saying, "I'm too sorry.” I was quite mentally deranged, but strangely enough, I was able to manage, thanks to a few words from kind people.

The diagnosis was a hernia. I am much better now, but at the time I felt a sense of hopelessness, thinking that I would never walk again or be able to sit up and paint. Under such circumstances, while lying in bed, I created artwork of "hernia" (Japanese characters) with my smartphone and created and distributed stickers, which were well received, and this inspired me to create the NFT collection. I hope that through this project, I can spread a little bit of kindness in the world.

◾️ Rules of the collection

* If you see someone with an NFT or physical sticker in the collection, please speak kindly to them. (e.g. "Too bad~" etc.)

* If you are approached, please respond in kind.

*Rules will be added in the future.

◾️ What is a hernia?

A hernia is a condition in which a portion of an intervertebral disc has popped out. The cause is thought to be aging or accumulated load. Many nerves are located around the spine, and symptoms such as pain and numbness appear when a protruding disc irritates the nerves. Many people complain of severe pain, because it occurs around the spine, where many nerves are located. In severe cases, the pain can make it difficult to sleep. In the case of a herniated disc, the pain is not limited to the lower back, but also includes numbness and pain in the legs and feet. *Do not rely on your own judgment; you need to be diagnosed by a doctor and receive appropriate treatment.

◾️ Exhibition and Presentation Opportunities

The main visual work of this collection was exhibited at Crypto Art Fes 2023 held June 23-26 at Shibuya Hikarie (8th floor).

TAKUROMAN will also be exhibiting at the Creators Expo to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on June 28-30, and will be presenting this collection directly to visitors at the booth.

◾️Collaboration Enhances Global Reach

TAKUROMAN is pleased to announce the collaboration with the innovative marketplace Grabbit, a platform that boasts a user-friendly interface and an excellent customer service team. Through this collaboration, TAKUROMAN aims to expand the reach of "Hernia & Peace" and create a global impact. The opportunity for collaboration came about when TAKUROMAN participated as a speaker at NFTNYC2023 in New York City in April 2023 and met the director of Grabbit, which was exhibiting at the event.

◾️The Future vision of Collections

Hernia & Peace is an innovative project based on blockchain technology that connects people around the world without borders. In a sense, the 1% are a social minority. Minorities alone are weak, but together they are a powerful force. If the collection "Hernia & Peace" is supported by many people, and if we can connect people around the world with the power of NFT, that means we can create a community of the countless minorities that exist in the world, and we believe that we can contribute to make a better world.

◾️ For further inquiries, please contact


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