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I attended NFTNYC2023 in New York City. Here is a report from the site (Part2)

I am writing a report article on the NFTNYC2023 in New York City. This is Part 2. ( Part 1 can be found here -> )

This is a 3D signboard in the venue. At first, it was almost completely white like this.

As the days went by, stickers were put up. It is not authorized by anyone, but is it customary? I put a hernia sticker that I had made before I left Japan.

Finally it was filled with stickers like this. Stickers are an important item for the event.

Hitomi Matsui and

Kenneth B. .

They are both artists and very knowledgeable about the bitcoin world. They also gave me a book recommendation to read.

I am becoming more and more interested in Ordinals that uses Bitcoin.