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Participated in the opening of "REACHING FOR THE FUTURE" held May 6-10. Here is a report on the day.

TAKUROMAN is participating in "REACHING FOR THE FUTURE" (co-sponsored by WEN TOKYO and curated by A-Mashiro) being held at ULTRASUPERNEW GALLERY in Harajuku from May 6 to 10.

The opening party was held yesterday, the 6th, from 18:00.

I was at the venue from past 16:00 to around 21:30, so here is my report on the event.

Exterior view of the venue.

Poster in the exhibition hall, in which TAKUROMAN is listed as one of the 30 participating artists.

A view of the exhibition hall, where works by 30 creators are displayed on 15 monitors, changing every 5 minutes. Since each creator exhibits two works, the display will switch to a different work all at once on May 8.

My creators and collector friends came to the venue.

Yukihiro Kaneko

I was able to participate in this event because of the votes of all my friends. Thank you very much.

I had some time before the opening party started at 6:00 p.m., so I went to have tea with Mr.Kaneko.

It was a pie store near the venue. It was delicious and it was a good way to fill up before the party. It was called The Deck Coffee & Pie.

Party started.

A crowded venue.

It is getting late at night.

Here's a movie.

Photographs of each of the exhibited works (some of them).

Hmmm, once again, there was an array of works by terrific artists.

Here's a list of the participating artists. (You can find it at the bottom of the page.)

Here's TAKUROMAN's work.

Title "Hernia & Peace"

In March, I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance due to pain in my back and legs caused by a hernia. After that, I was worried that I would never be able to paint again. I drew "Hernia" text art on my smartphone while lying in bed. After that, I created 10 language versions and placed them on Chaotic along with hearts, smiles and peace marks.

One "hernia" letter art for each language will be NFTed and sold in polygons for 3.65Matic (around $500). Purchasers will receive a sticker (free shipping in Japan). This collection will not be a limited-issue type of NFT, and will be cross-platform, and some marketplaces will accept credit cards. Please see this description for more details.

☆Two of TAKUROMAN's exhibits can be viewed here. (They are also available for purchase.)

Atlas Talisman Omamori who immediately put a hernia sticker on the wall. His smile shows his kindness.

At the party, I also had a chance to talk with A-Mashiro who was in charge of curation. The concept of this exhibition is "How will NFT change artists?" Some people are participating in the new trend of art created by the advent of NFT, and some are not. I felt his strong desire to let Japan know that there are many people in the world who express themselves in interesting ways that are unknown in Japan.

I also had the opportunity to talk with various people involved in WEN TOKYO. They are very friendly people with a rich international flavor, and I felt that they are pursuing the possibilities of Web3 that are not limited to Japan.

Thank you very much for giving me this precious opportunity to participate in the exhibition.

That concludes my report.

A picture taken by Mr. Kaneko at the end of the party.

The exhibition will be open until May 10.

There will be various talk events, etc., so please check it out.

Many people are also going to the Bright Moments exhibit, which is also open until the 10th. If you have time, please visit there as well. I would like to go on the 8th or 9th, if I can make it.


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