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Participated in the opening of "REACHING FOR THE FUTURE" held May 6-10. Here is a report on the day.

TAKUROMAN is participating in "REACHING FOR THE FUTURE" (co-sponsored by WEN TOKYO and curated by A-Mashiro) being held at ULTRASUPERNEW GALLERY in Harajuku from May 6 to 10.

The opening party was held yesterday, the 6th, from 18:00.

I was at the venue from past 16:00 to around 21:30, so here is my report on the event.

Exterior view of the venue.

Poster in the exhibition hall, in which TAKUROMAN is listed as one of the 30 participating artists.

A view of the exhibition hall, where works by 30 creators are displayed on 15 monitors, changing every 5 minutes. Since each creator exhibits two works, the display will switch to a different work all at once on May 8.