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TAKUROMAN Participated in "ART BLEND 2023 in Firenze" held in Firenze, Italy, from Nov-3.

TAKUROMAN participated in "ART BLEND 2023 in Firenze" held in Firenze, Italy from November 3 (Friday) to November 7 (Tuesday).

The exhibition was a great success, attracting over 2,000 visitors during the exhibition period.

Below are some photos of the exhibition.

A visitor viewing TAKUROMAN's work

Introduction of TAKUROMAN's exhibited work

Friends -Renaissance, Passion-


When there was no paper yet, when humans were not even called humans,

They drew the first pictures on the wall.

Before long, humans created a variety of techniques and left behind many masterpieces that can be called feats of art.

What awaited them at the end of their technology, after continuous evolution, was a world, ironically, where humans no longer needed to create.

It would draw for you.

It is full of potential to create works that transcend human knowledge.

Still, do you want to draw or not?

Do you want to draw it or not?

It is your choice and will as a human being.

Welcome to the Renaissance.


This time, I created this work on the theme of the Renaissance that took place in Florence.

Thank you very much for visiting our exhibition.

The following is a description of this exhibition from the website of the organizer (Qualiart Co., Ltd.).

This exhibition will showcase the works of artists from Japan and Florence at the same time, and all the exhibited works will be judged by the public and the jury to select the winners of each award.
The previous "ART BLEND" exhibition, held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2020, featured works by Japanese and European artists competing in the Olympic City, and was a significant event in terms of cultural exchange through art.
Florence, the site of this exhibition, is famous as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and many of the city's museums house the greatest treasures of the masters of the Renaissance.
In 1982, the "Historic Centre of Florence" was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 1986 it was named European Capital of Culture.
The famous Medici family is said to be responsible for the flowering of Renaissance culture in this city.
This year, 280 years after the death of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, the last direct descendant of the Medici family, FIRENZE FIERA, which includes the Fortezza Basso, built on the Medici family's orders, will be the setting for this exhibition.
On the afternoon of the first day of the exhibition, an opening ceremony and an exchange between Italian and Japanese artists are scheduled.
Please look forward to this exhibition in Florence, the City of Flowers, which is described as a "museum without a roof!


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