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Participated in "NAKAMEGURO SAKURA EXHIBITION vol.9" at MDP GALLERY & SPACE M in Nakameguro.

TAKUROMAN has participated in "NAKAMEGURO SAKURA EXHIBITION vol.9" currently being held at MDP GALLERY and SPACE M in Nakameguro.

This time, TAKUROMAN created two artworks and two lanterns.

The two exhibited works are on display and for sale in three editions each from 1/3-3/3.

(Photo taken by participating artist Rie Yoshida)

Here are the lanterns

NFT, the original, is a unique 1/1 work of art. Please take a look!

Heart Petals (right)

Heart Petals (left)

Lighting ceremony of lanterns

Have you noticed someone in the building for the lighting ceremony? LOL!

Momo of Postpet is also collaborating in this exhibition.

Thank you to all visitors and organizers.

The organizer's information can be found here.


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