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I went to the Nishiyama Museum of Art during the exhibition of my work. Here is a report.

TAKUROMAN is participating in the "3rd Contemporary Japanese Artists Exhibition" at Nishiyama Museum of Art in Machida City, Tokyo.

I, TAKUROMAN was there on Wednesday, September 20, and would like to report on my visit.

I took a cab from Tsurukawa Station on the Odakyu Line to Nishiyama Art Museum.

Poster for the "3rd Contemporary Japanese Artists Exhibition" displayed at the entrance.

The museum exhibits works by Utrillo and Rodin, as well as famous stones.

The venue for this exhibition is located on the third floor next to the Utrillo exhibition area.

Here is the work of TAKUROMAN on display.

Here is the title and sentences of the work.

- Fig leaves -

A man and woman were seduced by a serpent into eating a forbidden fruit and falling to earth.

Their descendants, humans, are vulnerable to temptation, and their curiosity sometimes turns to greed and crosses the line.

On the other hand, greed is also power. You want to eat good food, go on a trip, be with someone you love, own something, be something, etc.

You accomplish this with the help of greed. But no matter how much you have, it is limited to this world; things, money, even your body.

So you can't take anything with you to the other world? No. Just as God mercifully clothed Adam and Eve in leather, there must be something you can take with you.

We don't know what that is. But with your curiosity and greed, you will find it.

Here is a video of the entire exhibit.

I had tea with a visitor who came to the gallery when I was there. It was a very elegant time.

A video of the day's events is also available.

<About the special offer for visitors>

A limited number of 100 postcards will be given to visitors to the Nishiyama Museum of Art.

That is all.

The exhibition will be open until Sunday, October 1. If you have time, I would appreciate it if you could drop by. Thanks.


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