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On Oct-15, TAKUROMAN gave a live painting performance at Shimokitaza Omoiyari Exhibition, Tokyo.

TAKUROMAN performed digital live painting at the opening ceremony of "Omoiyari Exhibition" held in front of Shimokitazawa Station on October 15 (Sun.) at 18:00.

With rain unexpectedly falling, I worked on digital painting with the help of the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival's character, Curry Man, who was a light-hearted MC, and the generous support of the festival's management.

In the live painting session, I painted my work based on the theme that the means of communicating "feelings" have changed over time, that everyone communicates and expresses feelings on a daily basis, and that in fact, everyone is an artist.

Although I was not able to complete the entire piece within 12 minutes, I believe that I was able to interpret and express the theme of the exhibition, "Bringing Art Closer to the People," in my own way.

I learned later from seeing the photos that the staff members were working hard to hold up umbrellas! Thank you to everyone who managed the event, to everyone who supported us, and to Mr. Tanigawa of Kohaze Coffee for pulling the first one.

Note that I wrote "084- 14106-" on the screen of the pager in the picture. As those who know the pager culture of that time may understand, it reads "Ohayo, I love you. The reason I extended "Roo" was to match Curry Man's tone of voice, "Roo" lol.

I painted with all our hearts.

Thank you to everyone who came to see the exhibition in the rain.

This is the finished work at the time of live painting

Here is an image of the work completed that day after the live painting.

NFT of the work will be announced soon.

The opening ceremony, reception, and live painting has been introduced on Shimokitazawa information site "Shimoburo" as well.

The Omoiyari Exhibition runs through Sunday, October 29, and it is great fun to see the work of the 19 participating artists as you tour the 19 participating stores. We hope you will come and take a look.

Click here for more details about the exhibition.


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