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I'm pleased to report that I was present at "LIBRE 2023 -Kyoto-" at the Kyocera Museum of Art.

Today, December 17 (Fri.) through 19 (Sun.), I visited the Kyocera Museum of Art's "Hall of Light," the venue for the "LIBRE2023-Kyoto-" exhibition, and attended the reception.

Kyocera Museum of Art

The "Hall of Light" was an amazing venue.

Here are photos of the exhibition.

Here is the work of TAKUROMAN.

TAKUROMAN with the work

Please note that TAKUROMAN's work NFT was listed at SBINFT Market!


Country to Country. Each has its own history. People to People. Each has its own feelings. Life and Life. Each has its own dignity. Surely everyone knows what is important. But the world does not work that way. Keep your eyes open, be calm, yet passionate. The flames of dignity will surely outshine the flames of war.

Now, I attended the reception at 4:00 pm!

It was a great opportunity to interact with participating creators. Connecting with people" is the most important element of NFT, and I am very happy to get acquainted with participants, organizers, and related people through this kind of event.

Voting is also being accepted by online form!

Please vote for TAKUROMAN!

The exhibition will be open until Sunday, the 19th. Please visit us if you are in the area, as there are many unique works on display in the spacious venue!

If you can't make it to the local venue, there is also a Metaverse venue (SPATIAL) for your viewing pleasure.

You can enter Metaverse from the official LIBRE website!

Please take a look at the official site, where you can also find all the exhibited works.

PS. I had dinner with some of the creators on the way home. It was a fun time.

The physical event is the best, I think.

Thank you to all visitors, organizers and related parties, and participating creators for this opportunity.

Organizer: QUALIART INC.


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