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Partnership between NFT marketplace GRABBIT and TAKUROMAN is launched and will be featured for one week.

I am pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with TAKUROMAN on the new NFT marketplace GRABBIT, which will be featured starting Wednesday, January 31st for one week in February.

GRABBIT top page

We have also started an auction for one of our newest pieces!

Until February 4 (Sun.) 16:59! We are proud of this work.

Auction page:

GRABBIT is an NFT marketplace based on the CARDANO chain.

It will be reaching out to the GRABBIT and CARDANO communities around the world.

I am glad that the connection happened at NFTNYC2023 led to this partnership. I'm glad I pushed myself through my hernia to be there.

I hope you'll enjoy to see it!


GRABBIT's tweet is here.


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