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live paint


The process of drawing digital art is projected on the screen, and the work is produced in a short time of about 15 to 30 minutes. Usually, the message of the work is conveyed by the finished work, but with live painting, the message can be expressed through the production process by showing the process until completion. For example, for a collaboration stage with music artists, I can draw motifs that match the mood or theme of the song, or change the color tone of the picture as the melody changes from bright to dark. Motifs drawn in the middle of the work may be almost invisible until the work is completed, however, by making sure it exists in the process, you can feel a message with depth.

Achievements: ART LIVE 2021 appearance, gespo☆Party 2022 appearance




art for interior

You can use the work for the interior of offices, accommodation facilities, residences, etc. TAKUROMAN's works are produced with digital tools, but they are produced in high resolution and can be printed in various sizes and works can be framed or become canvas prints. When framed, the painting appears to exist in the window, and you can feel the expanse of the invisible part. With canvas prints, you can show the sides, which creates a three-dimensional and fun atmosphere.

Achievements: Trive Ozone interior art, Nitto Co., Ltd. office, A's residence


Selling NFT Art


TAKUROMAN sells digitally produced art as NFT. NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token, and blockchain makes it possible to tie unique (unique) identification information to digital data and make it exist as one-of-a-kind data. It is expected in the coming decentralized WEB3 society. TAKUROMAN positions NFTs as the originals of digital art works, and presents carefully selected works that have a special feeling, such as works exhibited at physical exhibitions and events, as one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Achievements: 3NFT works made at ART LIVE 2021 were sold at an auction, 1NFT work made at gespo☆Party 2022 was sold.

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Goods production and sales

We plan and sell goods with the motif of the work. In particular, ittems are regularly launched at the personal gift platform Zazzle. I believe that art is not only something that can be displayed as a work of art, but also something that can be used in everyday life to enrich our lives. On the Zazzle site, you can also add a name and a message. You can use it for yourself or as a gift.

Achievements: Product sales on Zazzle, hand towel sales



Licensed use of the work

You can use the work under license. TAKUROMAN's works are digitally produced, making it easy to commercialize them using data. Please let us know what works and direction you think are suitable for stationery, apparel, interior goods, miscellaneous goods, etc. According to the product concept and target, it is also possible to participate from the product planning stage.

Achievements: Clear masks for Self-image, Envelopes for Cocolab Co., Ltd.




Participating in exhibitions

I hold solo exhibitions and participate in group exhibitions irregularly. A physical (= real (IRL=In Real Life)) exhibition makes it easier for the viewer to feel the heat, and has a different meaning from viewing it digitally. In addition, when you are in the gallery in the exhibition space, communication with visitors will create connections. TAKUROMAN often presents works exhibited at physical exhibitions as NFTs, but the reason for this is that I wants to keep as NFTs "the unique moments of sharing the same space at the same time''.

Achievements: solo exhibition “Proud of the Crowd.” (Yokohama), group exhibition “One World” (Barcelona)



Online art course

I am offering online art courses on the online education platform CLASS101, which has a vision of "creating a world where everyone can live while doing what they love". For beginners to intermediate students, I have five chapters on how to draw digital art, tips for working adults to continue creating art, and marketing to let people know about your activities. Since the start of the course in April 2022, the number of students has exceeded 100, and some have already started as an artist. From January 2023, I will start a flat-rate subscription service for CLASS101+, making it even easier to attend.

Accomplishments: "From inexperienced to creator! Art activities that start casually-I started at the age of 35-"

名称未設定のアートワーク 94.png




I hold workshops to convey the “real fun of NFT” that I have experienced and discovered by myself in a seminar format that is close to the distance. NFTs are often viewed with a speculative eye due to their topicality and rapid price fluctuations, but the real interest of NFTs as a creator lies in the "connection with collectors". When the value of the work increases, both the collector who purchased the NFT and the creator of the NFT benefit from a WIN-WIN relationship, and it is interesting to increase the value as a loose team.

Achievements: Two-day workshop held at gespo☆Party 2022

Lecture, seminar



​TAKUROMAN entered a manga school at the age of 35 and started learning drawing from a state of zero experience. I have been working on Instagram for several years. About 1 out of 10 works can be considered good, and when I had about 100 good pieces, I thought that I might be able to hold a solo exhibition someday, so I continued steadily. Since I started my artist activities in April 2021, I have continued to communicate through trial and error about "how to get people to know''. And now I am introduced in some books as an artist. Through this experience, it is possible to tell and encourage everyone who wants to start something but still can't take the first step.

Published books: BIRTH (Mayumi International.), NFT Guide 2023 (Genkosha) to expand the world of creators




Collaborative work is possible. By combining each other's strengths according to the theme and concept, new realizations are born, and works that cannot be produced alone can be completed. The world is wide, and genres of artistic expression are diverse, such as music, dance, and painting. In addition, collaborations with designers and companies such as fashion brands and interior brands will change your usual style, and will be an opportunity to introduce new aspects of the brand to fans. Collaboration is magic.

Achievements: Up-and-coming fashion brand COCOTONO, music artist Yukihiro Kaneko

Order production of works and designs



I can create works according to your requests and themes. It can also be used as a work to decorate the interior of an office or residence, or as a key visual for an event or as a corporate logo. During production, I will ask about the concept and theme, and then decide the style and color of the work.

Published books: ART LIVE2021 key visual and logo production, Cloud CUBE INC. logo production

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TAKUROMAN joined『gespo☆party 2022』

on Oct-29・30

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