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TAKUROMAN regards NFTs as original digital artworks, and presents selected works, such as those exhibited at physical exhibitions and events, as one-of-a-kind NFTs that are especially thoughtful.


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You can visit the ONCYBER Gallery from the link.

TAKUROMAN is an certified artist of SBINFT Market nanakusa and has minted the largest number of works at this market. I also sold live painted works at auction and sold NFT art in collaboration with the up-and-coming fashion brand COCOTONO.

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This is also a juried market. We will be adding more character-oriented POP works in the future.


​NFT Markets

TAKUROMAN presents and sells NFT art on SBINFT Market nanakusa, KnownOrigin, OpenSea and other NFT platforms. Please click on the links below to see each of them.



First collection "The Millennium Play"

TAKUROMAN's first collection "The Millennium Play" 

This is an attempt to connect four paintings for 1,000 years, and to encourage people 1,000 years from now to act in a certain way.

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