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I attended NFTNYC2023 in New York City. Here is a report from the site (Part3)

I am writing a report article on the NFTNYC2023 in New York City. This is Part 3. ( Part2 is here -> Part1 is here -> )

In Part 3, I will introduce some of the works that were exhibited at the Artist Showcase. I will also include photos of people we met there.

Mera Takeru's work and him


treeskulltown's work

Abstract Saiyan's work

TAKUROMAN's work and me

I really wanted to take photos of more people's works, but I could not work calmly because I could switch the works to be displayed on the iPad set at the venue, but people kept coming and waiting for their turn to be displayed. I was not able to work calmly. I managed to take some pictures with Mera Takeru.

Next, let's take a look at some of the people who came from Japan.

We met for the first time, but I was surprised to see that we had a mutual acquaintance. It was nice to be able to communicate with her for the first time in a while.

These people who met through the pre-group chat of those coming from Japan

CryptoMuscle bottom)

Two people who had come on a mission for a large company and Mera Takeru

Here, I forgot to take a picture, but I attended the party of Majisuke who is developing Bonsai NFT!

There was also a booth displaying the works of Japanese artists.

With people from Thailand

Panassaya L. (Miley)

In addition, although I was not able to take pictures, I met CEO Ko of SBINFT Market, the executive members, and Vtuber Rena Edo. I was sorry that I could not see Rena Edo's event as she was performing at a local live event on the 15th, which coincided with the day I was leaving.

I was able to meet various other people as well.

It is a relief to meet Japanese people overseas, lol.

And I enjoyed the latest tools at the sponsor booths.

Well, I had a lively and enjoyable time like mentioned.

I have a hernia and my back and one of the legs have been in bad shape, so it was a miracle that I was able to be here, and I cannot thank everyone enough for their good fortune and encouragement. Thank you so much.

I don't know if it was the culture of NFT or the personality of the Co-Founder, Jodee, that made the whole event so well organized, intimate, and wonderful. I felt like it was set up in a casual way so that participants wouldn't feel alone.

To be honest, it was difficult for me to listen to native speakers at their speed, so I was more interested in networking than learning from them. However, I want to understand what I am interested in, so I think it is important to improve my English skills.

This is the end of my report, although it was a bit rushed.

The driver of the car that took me to the airport on the way back to Japan once suffered from a hernia, and when I gave him a hernia sticker, he immediately put it on his phone.

Hernia is a common language in the

Finally, despite the flight delays, I returned safely to Japan.

Thanks everyone who involved me.



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