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Trive Ozone, that will open in February in Nagoya, has chosen TAKUROMAN's works for the interior.

"More Japan, Forever in Nagoya."

Trive OZONE, a lodging facility developed in Nagoya under the concept of "More Japan, Forever in Nagoya", will open in February. A total of four of TAKUROMAN's works were used for the interior design of the facility.

Concept of Trive OZONE

Travel" and "live": Experiences that make you want to live in your travel destination, closer and warmer than travel. More Japan. Stay in Nagoya. With this in mind, we have created trive, an accommodation facility where you can feel the good old Nagoya, where you can experience things you can't experience in a regular hotel, and where you can feel Japanese culture more closely.

Background of the project

Fancy Art is in charge of interior art for Trive Group, and they recommended TAKUROMAN to Trive because it fits their facility and they are located in Nagoya. Fancy Art is in charge of interior art for Trive Group.

Fancy Art's website

Exhibited works (4 works in total)

Trive OZONE is close to Nagoya Dome. This work expresses the excitement of the stadium and the gathering of people.

Trive OZONE is located close to the nearest station to the Bantelindome Nagoya (Nagoya Dome), and is a great place to stay when watching sports or live performances. The first floor has a chic living room and dining room, while the second floor has a spacious bedroom with a big screen where you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or live performances.

Detailed information

For more information about the facility, please visit the Trive OZONE website.

Recommended for the following people

For those who are visiting Nagoya on vacation or business.

For those who live in the suburbs of Nagoya and want to hold a party while staying overnight.

(The maximum number of guests is 7, but we can accommodate a larger number for parties. Please contact us for details.)

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