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The work of 36FUJI 2nd season, in which TAKUROMAN participated, was sold by auction at 1.3ETH.

Project 36FUJI had a big impact on the NFT world in Japan last year.

The project was also featured in Bijutsu Techo (Art Handbook), which was released shortly after, and became a big topic of conversation.

As in the first project, 36 artists selected by vote were in charge of each of the 36 sections of Hokusai Katsushika's famous painting "Gaifukaisei", which were finally combined to complete the second project.

The completed version is here.

TAKUROMAN's part is the second row from the top of the rightmost column.



Sky screen

Sometimes the clouds in the sky look like something. It can be an animal, a human face, or something else. The sky may be a screen that reflects your thoughts and feelings, connected to your heart via Bluetooth. If you listen carefully, you can hear the voice of that person who has left for the sky, can't you? You see, the sky is connected to you after all.


The first 36FUJI was titled "Fushinoyama" and expressed the repetition of life.

So this time, I continued the theme of life and death.

Fuji in the same way as the last time I was in charge.


Well, today was the last day of the auction for the work.

The results were...

It was sold for 1.3 ETH (about 400,000 yen). !!!!!

Thank you very much to those who won, those who bid, and those who watched over us.

Also, thank you to mera-san, Takase-san, and all the creators who organized this event.

Please see below for more information about the works.

There is no information at all yet on what the third project will be, but please stay tuned!!



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