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The exhibition "Tiger in the cage" at Hair club pairis, Tokyo was featured in an article by MdN.

The exhibition "Tiger in the cage" at Hari club paris, a hair salon 2 minutes walk from Gakugeidaigaku station, was featured in MdN's web news.

I was very happy to see that they understood the purpose of the exhibition, such as the following.

"The theme of the exhibition, which is also the title of the work, is 'A Tiger in the cage.' It represents the state of being trapped in a cage, where one wants to start something new but is unable to act due to ties and stereotypes.

At the venue, a total of 18 works are exhibited in a layout that matches the theme. TAKUROMAN has been working as a digital artist, but this time he also presents his first hand-painted paintings, as he feels that he should not be bound by that frame."

For the article, click here.

The exhibition will be open until February 27th.

We hope you enjoy it.


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