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TAKUROMAN's work is displayed at the newly opened WEP CAFE in Hatagaya.

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

WEP CAFE has started displaying a picture of TAKUROMAN "Hika Ring" in the cafe. WEP CAFE is a wonderful shop where you can have organic food and drinks and buy nice goods carefully selected by the CEO.

Here is the website of the WEP CAFE.

Various events are also held. If you come to Tokyo, please do not miss it. You can see the picture at the entrance of the stairs that goes up from the cafe space on the 1st floor to the event space on the 2nd floor.

By the way, this "Hika Ring" is composed of innumerable rings drawn during the making process. Light means hope, and the circle means eternity, so when it was chosen, I thought it was perfect. I pray for the long-term development of the store.

【Additional article on June-5th 2021↓】

I got a movie of the shop. Please see the below movie.


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