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TAKUROMAN's artwork has been presented at 36FUJI, the NFT project from Japan.✨

I am pleased to announce that TAKUROMAN's artwork was released today at 36FUJI, the NFT project from Japan that I have been participating in for a while now.

Here it is.




In the Taketori story, which is said to be the oldest story in Japan, there is an anecdote that it was named "Mt. FUSHI" (means "never die" in Japanese) because the emperor burned immortal medicine. Then its name seemed to change into "Mt. FUJI" later.

The beautiful snow that falls on Mt. Fuji is like a miracle given from heaven. The snow eventually melts into water, and when it returns to the soil, it transforms into something else.

That seems like life. Repeated lives, messages that connect innumerable lives, that may be the meaning of immortality.

I think that Mt. Fuji in the era drawn by Katsushika Hokusai was a solid existence that towered in the raging waves.

How about now? With the development of CG technology and virtual space, the gap between reality and dreams has become infinitely ambiguous. If Hokusai was alive now, what kind of picture would he have drawn?


There's a small bottle in the picture. No one knows where the bottle of the letter, which was released into the vast ocean, will reach. But don't worry anymore. You will never lose sight of a bottle in the huge NFT sea...

We will keep connecting the messages of our predecessors in this wide sea.


The below picture is the overall image of the current stage announced today.

Two-thirds of the image has now been released, and it's chaotic and interesting.

There is an eye-like object floating in Mr.Little People's picture on above of TAKUROMAN's drawing of Mt.Fuji.

It is truly a miracle of coincidence!

I am very happy to have participated in this project.

See detail here.

You can already see some bids in the auction. If you are interested, please visit the following website.



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