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TAKUROMAN's art has been used for the transparent mask made by specialty store, Self-Image Inc.

TAKUROMAN's art was used in the design of a product for the transparent mask specialty store, Self-Image Inc.

Self-image considers masks to be a part of fashion, and plans and produces transparent masks with design and message.

Instagram by Self Image

There are a total of nine different artworks that have been adopted.

The designs were developed according to the specifications of the three types of masks: headset mask, mask rear econo, and mask rear econo mini.

The design of the TAKUROMAN mask that was adopted for this project is characterized by its rich colors, but still retains a sense of transparency.

The mask is suitable for communication because the expression of the user can be seen through the pattern.

In other words, it is like stained glass.

The product will be available soon on Self-Image's website, so please look forward to it✨


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