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TAKUROMAN's 1st POAP has been issued to commemorate participation in 36FUJI project.🎉 (Finished)

TAKUROMAN(=me) is participating the 36FUJI Project.

In this project, 36 artists who are chosen by votes will create one art together. And that artwork will be sold on NFT.

Therefore, in order for me to join the creation of the artwork, I have to be chosen.

However, at this step, I feel honored of joining this project as I sympathize the concept and I can compete such great creators.

So I have issued my 1st POAP to commemorate the participation in the 36FUJI project.

*We have currently stopped providing this POAP.

People who are chosen by rottery or by our own standard, the link for getting this POAP has been sent.

My previous article of 36 FUJI.↓↓↓


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