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TAKUROMAN Participated in "The 2nd Japan-France Friendship Original Stamp Exhibition in Paris".

TAKUROMAN participated in the "2nd Japan-France Friendship Original Stamp Exhibition in Paris" held in Paris, France from June 9 to 11. This project commemorated the 165th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and France, and stamps of each creator's work were created and exhibited.

We have just received the actual stamps from the organizer and would like to report on them.

Dates: June 9 (Fri.) - June 11 (Sun.), 2023

Venue: Galerie Planet Rouge

Organizer: Art Cross Inc.

Stamps were produced and exhibited according to French and Japanese specifications.

Here is an image of the TAKUROMAN stamps.

<French version>

<Japanese Version>

Here is the original work.


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