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TAKUROMAN has been selected as the official artist of nanakusa. Two NFT works has been uploaded.🍃

TAKUROMAN has been selected as the official artist of the NFT platform "nanakusa".

I will upload(drop) artworks from time to time.

NTF gives digital data a proof of only one that cannot be copied by blockchain technology, and I think you can think of it as the "original picture" of a digital work.

I have immediately uploaded (dropped) 2 works to nanakusa.

Artwork 1. “Looking for Something in Dreams”

In my dreams, I keep looking for something. I don't know what it is. It's something very important that I feel like I left behind when I was a child. If I could get it, would I be able to say that I have achieved my goal in life? But when I got a good score on a test, I was praised, but I felt like I had to work harder next time. So if I got it, would it be just another checkpoint as well?

URL of Artwork 1.

Artwork 2. “Proud of the Crowd”

Social distance has been required under the influence of the pandemic, telework has become the norm, transparent partitions have been placed in restaurants, and opportunities for close contact with people have decreased. The hustle and bustle of crowds, the heat, and the distance of potential contact, which seemed so annoying before, are now irreplaceable. Hope those days could come back.

URL of Artwork 2.

Hope you see them at nanakusa.


TAKUROMAN Profile of nanakusa


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