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TAKUROMAN created the key visual and logo mark of "ART LIVE 2021"✨

"ART LIVE 2021", the event of music and art will be held on Sunday, November 28, 2021 at Tokorozawa Sakura Town Japan Pavilion, the new base of COOL JAPAN.

At this event, you can experience the moment of creation by live musicians and up-and-coming artists.

This is the first event to commemorate.

The participating musicians and artists currently announced are:

(More people will be announced in the future)

・ Masaaki Endoh

・ Yoko Ishida

・ Hiroshi Kitadani


・ Aimi Sekiguchi


Wow, TAKUROMAN is one of the participants.

In addition, TAKUROMAN created key visuals and logo of the event.

Key Visual

Based on the concept of the event, "Experience the creativity and energy of art live!", The individuality that people have by nature, the chemical reactions that occur when people gather, and the energy that comes when individualities collide and fuse with each other. I made it with the desire to express the energy that are created.


Does it look like a random and ambiguous logo? It seems like a person.

People are all different.

People care about others, look up at the heavens, and are always ambiguous.

That's why I think that you can be anything, you can go anywhere.

Creativity is something that everyone has and is free to express and enjoy in music, art, or in other ways. I made it with that in mind.

We hope that "ART LIVE 2021" will be a memorable place for visitors and participants as such a free place.

Again, "ART LIVE 2021" will be held on Sunday, November 28, 2021 at Tokorozawa Sakura Town Japan Pavilion.

TAKUROMAN will also appear and have an event.

We hope you will come and visit us.


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