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TAKUROMAN collaborated with up-and-coming fashion brand COCOTONO to create NFT 8 works on Jan-21st.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Digital pop artist TAKUROMAN has collaborated with COCOTONO, a brand that was selected as a finalist in "ASIA FASHION COLLECTION 9th" and won the right to participate in New York Fashion Week. 8 NFT artworks are now on sale at NFT platform nanakusa from 18:00 on January 21.

All 8 artworks

Introduction movie

About the Project

(Quoted from the Press release of SBINFT )

SBINFT(Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo), an operator of the NFT marketplace "nanakusa", in collaboration with Vantan Co., Ltd (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), whose vision is to "create the world's most socially responsible school", is pleased to announce a joint project between the ninth annual "ASIA FASHION COLLECTION" and nanakusa certified artists.

In this project, six brands that won the right to participate in New York Fashion Week at the 9th "ASIA FASHION COLLECTION (AFC)" and nanakusa certified artists will collaborate to create NFT works, which will be available from January 21 (Fri), the NFT marketplace "nanakusa" will start selling the collaborative works. In addition, the works will be exhibited at a special exhibition space in the "Cryptovoxels" virtual space (metaverse) from the same day.

Concept of TAKUROMAN✖️COCOTONO collaboration work

COCOTONO's concept for this collection, "lol (laugh of little)," focuses on the fun that can be had by giggling the moment you notice something strange appearing in everyday life. In addition to this concept, TAKUROMAN is presenting eight styles corresponding to COCOTONO's eight themes. In contrast to COCOTONO, which emphasizes the hilarity of the moment when you notice something strange in your daily life, TAKUROMAN focuses on awareness over a relatively long time span.

For example, in "Love in the bubbles" a work inspired by COCOTONO's "Cheeers", bubbles meet and fall in love at the moment of toasting, and disappear like bubbles, but I left a lingering feeling that they will not forget their passionate feelings even after they have passed their throats.

COCOTONO Instagram

Introduction of TAKUROMAN's collaborated works

(*Click the work name to jump to the Nanakusa page.)

1. “A flower blooms after melt.” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “Blazing Heat”

After everything melted, a beautiful flower bloomed. How and when was it cultivated?

A flower that blooms only for you, that no one else can see. Dissolves, mingles, and is born again. It repeats and repeats.

“A flower blooms after melt.”

2. “Rumination and Encounter” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “Check the Checks.”

Check the checks. Check after check. Checks on the checks, then check shows its new face. This is why we can't stop checking.

“Rumination and Encounter”

3. “Sudden Discovery” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “Destroy the design pattern.”

Smash it by the hammer. Hit the ground. Something can be found in the hole. Destruction is a process of discovery.

“Sudden Discovery”

4. “Clouds, Sheep, and You” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “Daytime sleeping under the sky”

Lie down and watch the clouds in the sky. The clouds eventually turn into sheep. You count them one by one. The flock would eventually transform into the face of someone you like. A wonderful world of slumber.

“Clouds, Sheep, and You”

5. “Love in the bubbles” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “Cheeers.”

She melted my heart in an instant. People say it was a bubbly love. But I will never be able to forget that fiery feeling, even after it passes my throat.

“Love in the bubbles”

6. “Dreaming while drunk” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “Happy drunken men”

Feels lonely after a party and jumps back into the time of temptation. The sun sets and rises again. The dreamlike time that repeats and repeats is passing away.

“Dreaming while drunk”

7. "Drunken buddy” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “houndstooth men”

We would walk together, supporting each other. That's what I realized. Sometimes even staggered steps are good.

"Drunken buddy”

8. “Peaceful World” Inspired by COCOTONO’s “2828”

2828, LOL, Smiles...Hope the world will be filled with them. *2828 means “smirk” in Japanese humor.

“Peaceful World”

All 8 artworks

The works can be viewed in cryptovoxels virtual space gallery (easily viewed from a PC or smartphone without logging in, etc.)

We look forward you to seeing our works and the event.



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