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Pre-order sales of original Imabari hand towels have started.

It has been decided to release a hand towel with the design adopted in the "Creators meet Towel" project of Niida Bussan Co., Ltd. Ten of the 15 announced types will be sold for the first time, limited to 10 pieces. It will be shipped after July 15, 2021, but we are accepting pre-order sales, so please see the site.

Since TAKUROMAN's work is completed by chance, we thought that the lucky number of 777 yen would be good, but we set it to 700 yen (tax included) in consideration of the change at the time of retailing lol. There is also a great deal on sale as a set.


Made in Japan (Imabari-made), 100% cotton, 20cmX20cm, in a transparent bag each

Click here for sales page ↓ ↓ ↓


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