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Nitto Corporation adopted TAKUROMAN's works "Phoenix" and "Friends Series" for its office✨.

We are pleased to announce that three of TAKUROMAN's works, "Phoenix" and "Friends" series, have been adopted by Nitto Corporation for their office.

Nitto Corporation is a company that develops three businesses, "manufacturing business," "product business," and "education business," utilizing its core technologies of sheet metal, press, and resin molding.

The company also has an original brand, "COLLEND," which some of you may have seen before. The products have won the Good Design Award and are very tasteful.

This renovation was also carried out by totte, a company that handles interior design and furniture coordination for offices. The company usually delivers fashionable chairs and other foreign brands to government offices and famous schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Now, totte sent me a photo.

Here it is✨.


This picture was adopted for the president's office.

The background around the phoenix is blue.

In general, red is used for phoenixes, but this painting is blue.

At first glance, it looks cool, doesn't it? However, the temperature of stars is higher in blue light than in red.

At the same time, blue is a calm and mature color.

I am very happy that Mr. N chose this picture because it seems to match his inner fire.

Friends Series

↑These works are for conference rooms.

The colorful and pop artworks were chosen so that employees can feel inspired when they have idea meetings.

We are really honored to have them displayed in such a wonderful way.

Thank you very much, N-kun and O-kun.


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