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NITTO Co.,Ltd. adopted TAKUROMAN's work, "Ripples & Ripples" for their new conference room✨

We are pleased to announce that TAKUROMAN's work, "Ripples & Ripples", has been adopted by Nitto Corporation for their new conference room.

Nitto Corporation is a company that mainly operates three businesses: "manufacturing business," "product business," and "education business," based on the core technologies of sheet metal, press, and resin molding.

It is also a manufacturer of household sundries with its own original brand "COLLEND", and I'm sure some of you have seen our products.

COLLEND has won the Good Design Award, and its products are very tasteful.

The renovation was done by totte, a company that handles interior design and furniture coordination for offices. The company usually delivers chairs and other cool designs to government offices and famous schools in the Tokyo area.

Today, totte sent us some photos of the renovated conference room at Nitto.

Here it is.✨

What do you think?

Isn't it great!?


Isn't it?

I'm really happy to have it displayed so proudly.

And there's another reason why I'm even happier.

In fact, we were classmates in junior high and high school.

I feel that expressing something and connecting with people through painting is the best thing I can do, so I'm really happy that we were able to reconnect.

When I see them after a long time, they are all more active than I imagined.

I would like to devote myself even more.

It was such a stimulating report.

Thank you, N-kun and O-kun, for this wonderful opportunity.


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