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I attended #NFTNYC2023 in New York City. Here is a report. (Part 1)

TAKUROMAN participated as a speaker at #NFTNYC2023 in New York City on April 12-14. Here is a report from the event.

Before going into the main text, I would like to report that on the 18th of last month, I was taken to an ambulance due to sudden back pain, and I was worried about whether I would be able to go to New York this time. However, I somehow managed to walk some and made it to New York. I was encouraged by the encouraging voices of many people. Thank you very much. I am also grateful that my own body was able to work properly, it was like a miracle.

Now, I'll write in order from the flight, in the hope that it may be of help to those who are coming next year or later.

We took off from Haneda Airport. The airport was crowded, probably because there were not many flights yet after Corona.

The flight from Haneda to New York takes about 13 hours.

Two in-flight meals were served.

We watched 5 movies on the plane. Some people were sleeping.

I have a hernia in my lower back, so I wanted to avoid the same posture as much as possible, so I moved to the back of the plane and did exercises every time I finished watching a movie.

The beautiful scenery was a reward for the long trip.