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I attended #NFTNYC2023 in New York City. Here is a report. (Part 1)

TAKUROMAN participated as a speaker at #NFTNYC2023 in New York City on April 12-14. Here is a report from the event.

Before going into the main text, I would like to report that on the 18th of last month, I was taken to an ambulance due to sudden back pain, and I was worried about whether I would be able to go to New York this time. However, I somehow managed to walk some and made it to New York. I was encouraged by the encouraging voices of many people. Thank you very much. I am also grateful that my own body was able to work properly, it was like a miracle.

Now, I'll write in order from the flight, in the hope that it may be of help to those who are coming next year or later.

We took off from Haneda Airport. The airport was crowded, probably because there were not many flights yet after Corona.

The flight from Haneda to New York takes about 13 hours.

Two in-flight meals were served.

We watched 5 movies on the plane. Some people were sleeping.

I have a hernia in my lower back, so I wanted to avoid the same posture as much as possible, so I moved to the back of the plane and did exercises every time I finished watching a movie.

The beautiful scenery was a reward for the long trip.


From New York's JFK airport to the hotel.

I passed by the venue. #NFTNYC2023 is visible.

After checking into the hotel, I started walking around the city. I arrived on the 8th, so there were still three days until the event started.

My first meal was at Taco Bell.

Crowded restrooms. Restroom conditions are very different between Japan and other countries.

Breakfast on the second day. A real bagel. They are still delicious.

Incidentally, there is a 13-hour time difference between Japan and New York. We have made a chart to help you understand at a glance. Please refer to it.

I met Mr. Seobal, whom I had been in contact with on Twitter before at the site. He is a person who knows a lot about the NFT situation in Japan. The best part of traveling is meeting people.

I went to MOMA. This is the much talked about AI generated work based on image data of artworks from the past 200 years. Many people were paying attention.

This exhibit features a behind-the-scenes look at the movie "Pinocchio" directed by Guillermo del Toro. It is a popular exhibit and there was a line of people waiting in line. After seeing this exhibit, I became interested and watched the movie on Netflix, and it was a good movie.

Justin, who we met one day before the event . He is an artist from Thailand and leader of the NFT project. NFT in Thailand seems to be quite exciting. They are also looking to collaborate with other Asian countries including Japan.

The night before the event. The signboard was already shining at the venue.

April 11. I finally entered the venue and received my VIP speaker passes.

In the evening of the 11th, the day before the event, I attended the VIP speaker dinner. The atmosphere is cheerful and casual, typical of the United States. Everyone was talking to each other casually.

Speaker Chi Debbie Ola.

She is developing content on the theme of sustainability and fashion. She is very stylish herself.

I met up with Mera Takel at the VIP speaker dinner. As you know, he is one of the leading crypto artists in Japan and I have participated in his projects such as 36FUJI and 3600YAKO.

I went to see the photos of the speakers to be displayed in Times Square.

Here it is.

I previewed "Art Stage," the venue where I was scheduled to give a speech. It gives the impression of being surprisingly spacious. Furthermore, it is located right next to the main stage, which I felt was a good and convenient location.

The main stage is on this floor, and the art stage is located behind the main stage.

The main stage looks like this.

The venue is cozy and comfortable, with cappuccinos available.

CITY OF NEITH booth of WeMade, a participating company from Korea.

Lunch is also available on site.

Artworks are displayed in the Artist Showcase. We will upload some of the works later.

Well, I have been in touch with Jsan on Twitter for a long time, a collector who has been watching over the aforementioned #36FUJI (led by Mera, with me as one of the artists) since the early days of the project. /J_san___

He is a friend of Seobal and sent me a message when he saw our photo together. He also sent Seobal a commemorative NFT of TAKUROMAN that he had bought for me back in the 36FUJI days... NFT, Social Media and IRL are all connected, I thought.

This concludes the first part. In the second part, I will finally introduce the speeches and the Japanese people I met there. Please wait for a while.


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