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Exhibition of TAKUROMAN's works "Tiger in the cage" to be held at Hair club paris from January 8.

From January 8, 2022 (Sat), TAKUROMAN has started to hold an exhibition "Tiger in the cage." at Hair club paris, a hair salon 2 minutes walk from Gakugeidaigaku station. The exhibition is free of charge, even if you do not receive a haircut.

Exhibition theme

The year is 2022, the Year of the Tiger. Many people may be thinking about starting something new. However, sometimes people get caught up in ties and stereotypes that prevent them from taking action. I have superimposed this situation on the image of a tiger trapped in a cage.

Event Outline

Event name: "Tiger in the cage"

Location: Hair club paris

        Hagiwara Duplex 10B, 3-11-7 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

        2 minutes walk from Gakugeidaigaku Station on the Tokyu Toyoko line

Period : January 8 (Sat) - February 27 (Sun), 2022

Admission : Free

Curated by : Fancy Art (Works can be purchased from Fancy Art's website below)

The venue

As you enter the entrance, you will see a large poster of a tiger.

In front of it, there are two works that evoke the image of a cage. Is the tiger in a cage?

What will become of the tiger?

This is a picture from the entrance.

This time, TAKUROMAN took on the challenge of hand-painted works for the first time.

Since the theme of the exhibition was "The Cage Inside Me," it was necessary for me to look at my own cage and challenge myself.

A video of the creation of the hand-painted works is shown in the exhibition hall. The video is a little over two minutes long, but here is the first 30 seconds.

TAKUROMAN will be in the gallery some days during the exhibition period, so if you can make it, please come.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Click here for Hair Club Paris's business hours.

Other information is also available in the press release, which can be found here.


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