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We have resumed the distribution of TAKUROMAN 1st POAP by lottery and selection by our own standard.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The first POAP issued by TAKUROMAN to commemorate the participation in the 36 FUJI project ended yesterday.

However, we received many requests, so we decided to increase the number of issues and resume the provision.

The additional issue number is 10 pcs.

The remaining number will be provided to the winners by lottery and selection based on our own standard.

Those who have already made a request will be eligible for selection, so there is no need to make a new request.

Please use the form below to request.

Please note that one per person can get one even if selected.

After the selection, winners will get POAP around August 25, 2021.

(*There will be no announcement.)

*Please note that it may end without notice even before all the issued codes have been distributed.

*Please also note that number of POAP may increase until the above period or in the future.

This POAP was issued to commemorate my participation in the 36FUJI project.

If you have $FUJI and you like TAKUROMAN's artworks,

I would appreciate it if you could vote for TAKUROMAN in the 36FUJI project 🎉


36FUJI project ↓


PS. Request for this POAP has been finished.


Commenting has been turned off.
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