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TAKUROMAN tried the first NFT auction in nanakusa and received bids for all the works and sold out.✨

During ART LIVE 2021 held on November 28, 2021, TAKUROMAN appeared on stage three times in total in collaboration with popular musicians and live painted.

I held an auction of the three works completed at the event at the NFT platform nanakusa for three days from December 10 to 12.

This was the first time for me to hold an auction, so I was very excited to see what would happen, and thanks to all the bidders, all the works were sold out.

I would like to thank everyone who bid, everyone who watched over us, everyone at nanakusa who supported me, and everyone who encouraged me. Thank you very much.

After the sale, I received a congratulations message from nanakusa.

Thank you very much.

The auction was a live event, which was quite nerve-wracking, but also very exciting.

This is what I tweeted via Twitter. Towards the end, I received retweets from people with a large number of followers, and I was able to gain momentum.

I realized some important things through this auction, and it was a very good experience.

I will continue to strive to create better works in the future.

Thank you for your continued support.


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