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Oct-15 (Sun) - Live painting by TAKUROMAN at the opening ceremony of the "Omoiyari-Exhibition".

TAKUROMAN will perform digital live painting at the opening ceremony of "Omoiyari Exhibition" in front of Shimokitazawa station on October 15 (Sun.) from around 6:00 p.m. Starting with this opening ceremony, the "Omoiyari Exhibition" is an art event that will be held in Shimokitazawa from October 16 (Mon.) through 29 (Sun.), and is an innovative project in which 19 creators will express the thoughts of 19 local business owners through art.


The "Omoiyari Art Exhibition" is an art event held in Shimokitazawa, with an opening ceremony and reception held on Sunday, October 15, and artworks on display from Monday, October 16 through Sunday, October 29. The promoter of the event, multimedia designer Shigeru Ohara, is promoting the event with the theme of "making art more accessible" and involving local residents in its operation. Each of the 19 participating creators will express the thoughts of the owners of 19 stores operating businesses in Shimokitazawa through art, and their works will be displayed inside each store during the event. The crowdfunding campaign that recently ended reached a certain goal, and signs will be posted inside and outside the ticket gates of Shimokitazawa Station on the Keio Line, which is expected to attract attention from many users of the station.

TAKUROMAN strongly sympathizes with the concept of this project and is participating as one of the artists. We have also created a work expressing the store owner's thoughts and feelings, which will be on display during the above period.

Click here for more information about the thoughtful exhibition.:

Outline of Live Painting

Name : Opening Ceremony of the "Thoughtful Exhibition

Date :October 15, 2023 (Sun.) from around 6:00 p.m.

Viewing :Free

Place :Between Shimokitazawa Odakyu East Exit ticket gate and Shimokitazawa Town Information Center (in case of rain, the event will be held under the elevated Keio Inokashira Line right next door)

Highlights of Live Painting

TAKUROMAN's live painting is characterized by bold drawings with flowing lines, and by the meaning he puts into the process of creation. Some of the motifs that appear during the process may disappear, but they remain as meaning, and the viewer can see the whole process. This is a different way to enjoy the exhibition than looking at only the finished drawings. This time, I plan to paint while keeping in mind the theme of the "Omoiyari Exhibition".

In addition, with the intention of passing on the "feelings" to the next generation, Mr. Tanigawa, the owner of Kohaze Coffee, will represent the event and draw a line at the beginning of the exhibition. TAKUROMAN will take over and draw the line. There will be no prior arrangement with Mr.Tanigawa, and we hope you will enjoy the coincidence of not knowing what will happen.

For the background music, we have asked the musician Yukihiro Kaneko to arrange original music for the live painting, mainly songs by Yamashita syuhei from his own label "ALTERNATIVE YELLOW". ALTERNATIVE YELLOW:

Sale of Artwork

TAKUROMAN plans to sell the completed works as NFT art. We are also considering selling drawings in progress, but the method of sale and other details have not yet been determined.

Details will be announced on the TAKUROMAN website and official LINE account. Homepage: LINE official account:

For inquiries, please contact us.

If you have any questions about the details of the live painting or this article, please let us know using the form below. We look forward to seeing you there.


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