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I stayed at Trive OZONE which will open in February✨ (TAKUROMAN's works are exhibited there.)

I stayed at Trive OZONE (, a lodging facility that will open in Nagoya this month in Nagoya, by courtesy of the owner!

The sophisticated interior, the relaxing dining room, the bedroom where you can watch movies in bed. Everything was created to be a relaxing space and I was very impressed. 😆✨

TAKUROMAN's works were also displayed beautifully (that I couldn't believe it was my own works).

I made a movie of the stay, so please check it out.

Please see the previous article for detail.

TAKUROMAN's exhibited works


「A Man in the Silence」



It's a place where you can relax and forget about everyday life.

When it opens, I highly recommend your use!



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