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TAKUROMAN's artwork was printed in JO magazine published by Kyoshin Printing Co.,Ltd.

TAKUROMAN's artwork was printed in the 37th issue of the information magazine JO published by Kyoshin Printing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City).

Kyoshin Printing has continued to publish art on the entire surface of JO with the intention of supporting creators, and this time, TAKUROMAN was also given the opportunity.

The size is A2 big size and I am impressed.

Printing is also truly beautiful.

The exhibition "Be Proud of the Crowd." is being held at the Hair Salon "Lounge" in Yokohama, so we have set up a limited number of copies at the venue.

I saw JO for the first time at Creator EXPO, saw a certain creator's work, and thought that it would be nice if my art was published like this, so I'm really grateful.

Thank you, Kyoshin Printing Co.,Ltd.


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