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TAKUROMAN launches all deliveries of "Sustainable Digital Art Course" for the era of sideline work

The art course offered by digital pop artist TAKUROMAN on the online lesson platform "CLASS101" will be available for viewing on Wednesday, May 11, when all lesson videos will be available.

Painting in the "Let's draw a bad picture" section of the course.

In the course, we teach (1) how to draw digital art, (2) how to think and know how to continue the activity, and (3) how to market the work so that it will be widely known. What is especially important is "to continue easily," and in anticipation of the era of side jobs (double jobs), TAKUROMAN shares the know-how he has learned through his own activities, which he started at the age of 35 with no experience, for "sustainable artist activities" while continuing to work (including study, homemaking, etc.).

The lessons also cover how to make wallets and how to exhibit at NFT for beginners, so that they can start their art activities with an awareness of how to present and market their works at NFT.

■Outline of the course

Course Title : From No Experience to Creator! Easy-to-Start Art Activities

       "I started at the age of 35."

Course starts: April 27, 2022

All lessons available: May 11, 2022

Price: 24,800 JPY (tax included)

Course duration: 6 months

Hope people who want to start art activity would join the course.



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