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TAKUROMAN has issued the Second POAP to commemorate his participation in the 36FUJI Project 2022.🎉

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

TAKUROMAN participated in the first 36FUJI project and was voted the best among the 60 participating creators, and was able to participate in the final production.

Thank you very much for your support.

This time, 36FUJI 2022, 36 artists selected by vote will also work together to create a single piece of art, which will be sold at NFT.

Once again, TAKUROMAN will have to be voted by $FUJI holders in in order to participate in the production.

However, He is happy to be able to participate in this project because he agrees the concept of the project, which is to share Japanese traditions and the power of creators with the world, and he can engage in friendly competition with wonderful creators.

So, first of all, to celebrate his participation in the 36FUJI project, we have issued our second POAP.

We are planning to issue 36 pcs of POAPs.

We will be offering these POAPs to the winners through a lottery and our own selection criteria.

Please submit your request using the form below.

Please note that there is a limit of one POAP per person.

Winners will receive a link to access the POAP in January 2022.

(*There will be no announcement of winners.)

*Please note that the program may be terminated without prior notice even before all the copies have been distributed.

*Please note that the number of badges issued may increase during the above period or in the future.

This badge is issued to commemorate my participation in the 36FUJI project.

If you are a $FUJI holder and you like TAKUROMAN's work, please vote for

#13 TAKUROMAN in the 36FUJI project.

You can vote on TAKUROMAN from here↓↓

POAP Entry form↓↓

This entry for this campaign has finished.



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