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TAKUROMAN has been successfully accepted by KnownOrigin. Two new works are released.

I have been accepted by KnownOrigin, a juried NFT marketplace, and will be presenting NFT works as they become available. (I will continue to present works on SBINNFT market nanakusa, where I have been active as an authorized artist for some time.)

I will be releasing the following two works as the first KnownOrigin works.



These two works can be put together to form a single picture. (except for the watermarked text)

Couples can use each as a PFP (profile picture).

You may wish to obtain two pieces by yourself and give one to a friend or loved one.

Of course, you can also enjoy just one picture of your choice.

May and June in Japan are in the midst of the school excursion season.

I have a special attachment to school excursions, as I worked on school excursions at the company I joined after graduating.

The characters in this work are dressed in school uniforms.

Sales will start at 2:25 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25 (Japan time).

Please take a look.



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