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On Oct.-29 and 30, TAKUROMAN will hold a workshop & live painting at a large e-sports event "gespo"

TAKUROMAN will participate in the large-scale e-sports event "gespo☆party 2022" to be held in Gunma Prefecture on October 29(Sat.) and 30(Sun.), 2022.

At the venue, TAKUROMAN will hold 2 days of workshops and live painting! We look forward to seeing you there!

<Workshop Outline>

Name: Let's start NFT!

Venue: Green Dome Maebashi (1-2-1 Iwagami-cho, Maebashi, Gunma) Future Lab.

Date and Time: 10/29 (Sat.) ① 11:00~ ② 13:00~ ③ 14:30~ ④ 16:00~ 

10/30 (Sun) ① 11:00~ ② 13:00~ ③ 14:30~ ④ 16:00~

Duration: 60 minutes for each session

Participation fee: Free of charge

Number of participants: Up to 8 persons per session

You can participate without a reservation if there is space available on the day of the event.

<Outline of Live Painting>

Venue: Green Dome Maebashi Sub-Event Area Special Stage

Date & Time: 10/30 (Sun.) 10:00-10:30

Admission: Free

More details will be posted on our website and Twitter as they become available.

We hope to see you there.

See you there!


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