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On April 27, TAKUROMAN's online art course at CLASS101 began.

TAKUROMAN's online art course in CLASS101 is now open.

The title of the course, "From No Experience to Creator! Easy-to-Start Art Activities - I Started at 35.", the course is designed for people with no experience to intermediate level.

(1) How to draw digital art

(2) How to think and know how to continue your activities

(3) How to market your artworks so that it will be widely known, etc.

TAKUROMAN will provide practical information based on the experience he has learned through his own activities.

The following people are suited for this project.

Those who:

- are interested in painting digital art and presenting their works.

- have no experience but want to start something new (any age is welcome)

- want to continue their art activities while continuing to work, study, or do housework.

Course Outline

Course Title : From No Experience to Creator! Easy-to-Start Art Activities

      - "I started at the age of 35."

Course start date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Duration: 6 months

Price: 24,800 JPY (tax included)

Background of the Course

CLASS101 is an online lesson platform that aims to "create a world where everyone can live doing what they love." TAKUROMAN, who himself started his art career at the age of 35 with no experience, strongly empathized with the company's concept and decided to launch the course. TAKUROMAN wanted to share what he had learned through his own experience with as many people as possible, so he continued to actively communicate his message, and many people shared and supported him.

What is CLASS101?

Online lesson CLASS101 will create a world where all people can freely enjoy their "likes" through a wide variety of on-demand lessons that gather beyond national borders. After expanding its business in Korea and the U.S., CLASS101 will launch its service in Japan in 2020. In Korea, the U.S., and Japan, we offer and operate more than 2,000 classes across a variety of genres.

TAKUROMAN received a nice comment from the person in charge of CLASS101.

There are many "painting art" classes in CLASS101, but TAKUROMAN's class is a new concept that focuses on "starting and continuing your career as an artist. TAKUROMAN's passion for encouraging students to take on new challenges comes through in this wonderful class, so please enjoy it.

As a side note, I myself became a fan of Mr. TAKUROMAN's work as I worked on the class, and before I knew it, I had become an owner of NFT's work. It is such a fascinating class.

Press release has been distributed.

Please also see this article for more details.



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