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Japanese Yokai NFT collection "3600YAKO" created with 36 artists ❗️TAKUROMAN also participating.

In July 2021, the completed work sold for 3.4568 ETH (about 1.3 million yen at the time) at #36FUJI, a project in which 36 artists worked together to create a single NFT artwork, and became a major topic of conversation.

After 36FUJI 2022, the third project, #3600YAKO, was launched and preparations have been underway. In this innovative project, 36 artists drew yokai with their own touch and create digital picture scrolls.

TAKUROMAN has participated in #36FUJI, #36FUJI2022, and the project as a selected artist, and is also participating in #3600YAKO.

After much consideration, #3600YAKO announced a policy based on "free minting," one of the recent trends, and yesterday began a campaign to distribute the Arrow List (priority right to receive the NFT).

Just started a Twitter campaign as well.

In addition to the official account of 3600YAKO, each artist also has distribution rights and is announcing their own.

TAKUROMAN's account has received a great response with 211 likes, 191 retweets, and 45 comments in the first 24 hours since its launch.

Thirty-six artists drew yokai, each with his or her own taste.

This is a fun project unique to Japan.

Here is the list of participating artists.

Please stay tuned for further developments!

3600YAKO Official Page


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