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I went to NFT COLLECTION IN KYOTO, two of TAKUROMAN's works are now on display!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I am exhibiting two of my new works at the "NFT COLLECTION IN KYOTO" exhibition being held at Ryokan Kohro in Kyoto from November 5 (Sat) to 6 (Sun).

I was there until around 2:30 p.m. today, Saturday the 5th, and here is my report.


Building exterior

One of TAKUROMAN's works, "DARUMAOTOSHI," was exhibited on a monitor located next to the elevator.

Here's a movie.

More details about the work will follow at the NFT mint, so stay tuned!

The second TAKUROMAN work, a hanging scroll, was exhibited at the 5th floor exhibition hall.

The hanging scroll, with a very nice Kyoto-like Japanese feel, was very well done.

Click here for the URL of the hanging scroll works.

There is also another hands-on corner with the theme of Koto ✖ NFT.

What a surprise, they recorded the piece I played and sent me the NFT later!

This was my first time to touch the koto, and I was amazed at how beautiful the sound was.

Other interesting features included a sake ✖ NFT booth, where sake with NFT art on the label was introduced, a fortune-telling NFT, and other interesting devices here and there, and overall I thought the event was very enjoyable.

Here are some other scenes from the event.

TAKUROMAN's work displayed on a monitor in addition to the hanging scroll

There were also booths for creators and companies, and I purchased goods from ShimonzGate and Yoshioka.


That's all for the report. It was great to talk with creators, visitors, and various people from the organizer and related parties. The exhibition will be open until tomorrow, so if you have time, please take a look!

The work "DARUMAOTOSHI" shown on the monitor will be minted soon.

Please look forward to it.


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