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Five of TAKUROMAN's NFT works has been made as hand towels, available at Hanshin Department Store.

Five of TAKUROMAN's NFT works have been commercialized as hand towels by Niiida Bussan Corporation (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture), a manufacturer and seller of Imabari towels.

The five NFT designs are part of a collaboration of TAKUROMAN and the brand COCOTONO, the finalist in the "ASIA FASHION COLLECTION 9th" in January 2022.

Clouds, Sheeps, and You

Love in the bubbles

Dreaming while drunk

Sudden Discovery

Drunken Buddy

Event Summary

Theme: CREATOR'S GIFT MARKET - Meet the one and only - Art & Gifts with creators' sense of style

Venue: Hanshin Umeda main store, 2F Event West, Creator's Village sales floor

Period: Wednesday, March 2 - Tuesday, March 15

Hours of operation: 10:00 - 20:00 (The store is scheduled to close at 18:00 on March 15 (Tue.))

Price: 660 yen per piece (tax included)

Hand towels by 7 creators including TAKUROMAN will be sold at the event. Below is a list of participating creators. (Instagram accounts are in parentheses)


・megmi miura(miuramegmi)

・Yun (yun-ricotta)

・Eguchi Noriko(eguchi-noriko)

・Nakauchi Waka (wacca_n)

・Mei coco(meicoco_38)


About TAKUROMAN✖️COCOTONO Collaboration

VANTAN✖️nanakusa collaboration project, 6 brands that were selected as finalists for "ASIA FASHION COLLECTION 9th" and participated in New York Fashion Week in February and received favorable reviews, and 6 groups of artists approved by nanakusa will be participating in this project. TAKUROMAN strongly sympathized with the concept of COCOTONO, one of the participating brands, and wished to collaborate with them. The collaboration was realized and 8 NFT works were presented. For more information on the collaboration, please refer to this article.

The NFTs used for the hand towels are still available for purchase on the following page.

About Hanshin Umeda Department Store

The "Hanshin Umeda Main Store Rebuilding Project" started in the fall of 2014 under the slogan "A department store that makes you happy every day." The first phase of the building was completed in April 2018, and opened in stages in October and December 2021. The grand opening will take place on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, with the completion of the B1 "Hanshin Food Hall.

About Niiida Bussan Co.

Our unique techniques and production system fully support "small lot" and "quick delivery" from 10 pieces. TAKUROMAN is one of the creators of the "Creators meet Towel" project launched by the company in June 2021. This relationship led to the realization of this project.


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