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TAKUROMAN participates in "36 BLOCKS FUJI" project, which expresses Japan's culture to the world.

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

TAKUROMAN has joined the project "36 BLOCKS OF FUJI" launched by crypto artist Mr. mera takeru and TART Co., Ltd. representative Mr. Toshiaki Takase.

In this project, Hokusai's Japanese painting is used as a motif, and it is divided into 36 pieces (6x6), and 36 artists finally selected by voting add their own expressions to each block. So, we will create one masterpiece crypto art that Japan is proud of.

The purpose is, Creating crypto art to deliver Reiwa era's new Japanese culture to the world.

It seems an effort to digitally update Hokusai's paintings, and I have a feeling that it will surely be a project that will have an impact on the world. As a Japanese, it's a very exciting project.

In order for TAKUROMAN to finally become a member of 36 members, I must be selected by voting, so I would be grateful if you could support and vote me.

Thanks! List of entry artists

List of entry artists↓

Click here for details of the project.↓



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