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Digitoma 2022 opened n Dec-23. I visited the main venue in Nara and the satellite venue in Osaka.

Digitoma 2022 opened on Friday, December 23.

TAKUROMAN visited the gallery space of the main venue "Toma Residence" in Nara and the satellite venue

TAKUROMAN visited the gallery space of the main venue "Toma Family Residence" in Nara and the satellite venue "Nanigotoya" in Osaka, and reports on the event.

I got off at Kintetsu Nara Station and took a bus to the venue.

The Toma Family Residence is a historical building that was originally inhabited by priests. Perhaps a remnant of this, it exudes elegance and beauty.

Exhibition view, hanging scroll of the main image.

The innovative style of the exhibition is to climb up on the stepladder and look at the video works. The scattered flowers are also wonderful.

Some visitors came to the exhibition after reading a flyer placed at a nearby photography museum.

The works of the 61 participating artists can be viewed through a VR gallery projected at the venue. (You can view it on you tube.

I had my picture taken in front of my work.

Inspired by the concept of the Fujima family residence "under renovation," TAKUROMAN's work "Narrative Friends Talking" was created under the theme of "Narrative = a story in which the narrator takes the lead role and changes.(作品ページはこちら

Leaving the Toma Family Residence, the next stop is the satellite venue, Nanigotoya, Osaka.

The venue looks like this.

The works of participating artists are also exhibited here.

This is a work by Eiki Okuda. He has created a work called "CITY JUMPER" using the NES in the belief that there are things that can be expressed only with pixel art, a technique with a limited amount of data.

The work is a collaboration with ADIDAS, so the logo is also included.

A boy challenging the game. His reaction is funny. Games make people smile, don't they?

This is the work of film director Kohei Takayama. (The image was taken at the main venue.)

His works are highly artistic and engaging, and he aspires to become a film director. It was shown at the main exhibition hall and also at the satellite hall.

Kohei Takayama Twitter:

There was also a contemporary dance performance by ache._, Junya Wataboo Ishii, Genki, mico,keija and nas ). The unique dance combined with the video work was wonderful. It was an evening full of inspiration and recognition of the diversity of expression and it was an evening full of stimulation.

There were also live performances by Earth Axis Rotation Mechanism, GORO Pupil Hilar Kippers, and others, which seemed to be quite exciting, but TAKUROMAN was unable to see them due to the last train.As one of the artists, it was a valuable experience for me to participate in this wonderful event. Thank you to all the visitors and to the organizer, Takahata Trust, and everyone involved.

Toma Residence Twitterアカウント:

Nanigotoya Twitterアカウント:

PS. Digitoma 2022 was also featured in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.


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