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TAKUROMAN Hand Towel (Imabari) Friends3

TAKUROMAN Hand Towel (Imabari) Friends3

TAKUROMAN participated in the Creators meet Towel project of Niida Bussan Co., Ltd., which was held for 15 days from June 1st to 15th, 2021. We will sell 10 kinds of towels announced there. Since TAKUROMAN's work is completed by chance, I thought that the lucky number of 777 yen would be good, but considering the change at retail, I set it to 700 yen (tax included) lol. It will be limited to 10 pieces for the first time.


・ Made in Japan (Imabari)

・ Size: 20cmX20cm

-100% cotton, soft to the touch and excellent water absorption

・ Full-color inkjet printing


About the Friends series

There is no perfect straight line in nature, it is composed of curves.

From this, the curve expresses life. Eyes and colors are individual.

    ¥777 Regular Price
    ¥700Sale Price
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