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"A challenge to inspire people to take action in a 1000 years" TAKUROMAN presents the 1st collection

TAKUROMAN has just presented the first collection "The Millennium Play by TAKUROMAN" at Crypto Art Fes 2022 ( #CAF2022 ), July 11-17, in the Metaverse space.

■Background of the Collection

The blockchain technology has made it possible to leave information to future generations without being tampered with by third parties, and TAKUROMAN has taken this one step further by creating this collection with the theme of "encouraging people to take intended actions far into the future, a thousand years from now.

■Overview of the Collection

The collection consists of four pieces and two instruction manuals. Basically, each of the four NFT artworks is held by a different person and passed down from person to person until July 11, 3022, 1000 years from now (Japan Standard Time). The four holders will show the locked content to each other on July 11, 3022 (Japan Standard Time), and the special content will be available to the four holders. If they actually act in such a way after 1000 years, the main purpose of this collection will have been achieved.

■How to play the "Millennium Games" collection (rules)

If someone BURNs an NFT during the 1000 years, or if the wallet becomes inoperable while holding an NFT, the collection cannot continue any longer and the game is over. Or, if one person monopolizes 4 NFTs and sees the locked contents of all 4, the fun is gone and it is difficult to continue thereafter. To avoid this situation, we have established rules.


  • Among the four NFTs in the collection, a person may hold only one piece in his/her lifetime.

  • You must sell or transfer the NFT to the next person while you are alive and able to operate the wallet.

  • You must NOT burn the NFT.

  • Never share the locked contents with others until July-11, 3022 A.D. (Japan Standard Time)

  • Each person who has the NFT at the time of July-11, 3022 A.D. must expose the locked content of the NFT to the other holders of this collection.

The intent is to establish rules in this manner and to pass on the NFT to ultimately inspire people to take action a thousand years from now.

■Concept of "The Millennium Play by TAKUROMAN"

If you want people to do something, you need motivation to do it. Financial rewards are one such motivation. If people who feel the value of this collection appear one after another and the price continues to rise, the revenue from trading will become a monetary reward and may be continuously passed on from person to person. We started selling at 0.1 ETH (currently about 16,500 yen), but if the price increases by 1% every year for 1,000 years, compound interest calculations show that the price will increase by about 20,000 times to 2,096 ETH (about 345,809,568 yen) in 1,000 years. During the process, each succeeding holder will be able to earn some profit through buying and selling. However, once the price falls, motivation may be lost at that moment.

In order for the collection to continue for as long as 1,000 years, it will depend on whether or not people can feel the roman about the idea of "having people act a thousand years from now" and enjoy the process itself. About 800 years ago, at the end of the Heian period, there is a poem in the "RyojinHisho" compiled by Go-Shirakawa-in, which asks whether people are born for the purpose of playing. If people 800 years ago thought so, and I can relate to it today, it is likely to be true for people far into the future as well. There has been a recent theme about the usefulness of NFT. I am also aware that I myself have been so busy with my daily work that I have neglected the time to play, which is the time that really matters. I created this collection with the belief that if "NFT for play," which at first glance seems to have no utility, has enough power to inspire people to take action 1,000 years from now, then humanity will "find more value in play.

■About the Four artworks

Since this is a play-themed collection, each of the four paintings contains a memory of a playful activity that I genuinely enjoyed as a child. The initial offering is 0.1 ETH each. For a detailed description of each piece, please see the discription of the work.

<Total 4 works>


The following two images show the Japanese and English versions of the instructions that describe how to play and the concept, which can be linked directly from the Descriptions on the four NFTs. They are listed in the collection but are not for sale.

■About Crypto Art Fes 2022

Crypto Art Fes 2022 (#CAF2022) is one of the largest crypto art festivals in Japan, which will be held from July 11 (Mon) to 17 (Sun), 2022. TAKUROMAN has been selected as one of the 100 artists for this event and will exhibit its new collection at the Metaverse venue. The overall theme of the event is "CRYPTO ART," and TAKUROMAN has been asked what kind of artistic expression is unique to blockchain technology and ideology, which is the basis of CRYPTO ART. This is the inspiration for this collection. The essence of blockchain lies in a decentralized network that does not depend on a centralized location. The reason why we set the NFT of the collection to four paintings is also because we believe that by distributing the holders among multiple people, if just one of them actively transmits and enjoys the collection, it has the potential to influence other holders and continue to do so.

For more information on CAF2022, please click here.

Click here for the link to the CAF2022 metaverse (TAKUROMAN booth number: D-9)


Thank you for taking the time to read this far. This collection is a new initiative for TAKUROMAN, a romantic game that uses blockchain technology to connect with people far into the future, beyond time and space. We hope you will find it interesting.

Collection "The Millennium Play by TAKUROMAN"

■For inquiries about this article

please contact TAKUROMAN Inquiry Form:



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